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Hey you– thanks for visiting.

I started this blog back when I was getting Masters in Medical Anthropology, with a focus on food/nutrition. I had by then several years of self taught cooking, a dash of mom’s knowledge, an incredible knack for prioritizing cooking over binge Netflixing, and a little food instagram that I started back in 2014. It just felt like it was time (and I lived alone, so more time + less judgement from roommates for destroying the kitchen!)

Whats Medical Anthropology, you ask? It is similar to the field of public health; more specifically, it looks at the intersection between biology, culture, and power as it relates to the medical system and health.

But why HuntingHanger, you ask? Well… Have you ever been hangry? Lord knows that I have! And I never understood why.

And when I turned 19, I decided to really do something about it. It all clicked when my mom called me one day after she had taken a nutrition class, which she decided to take up as one of my brothers had been having stomach issues. She explained processed foods, nutrient density, the problem with grains, importance of fat and other food related issues. At first I thought she was crazy (I mean, I am a 90s kid), but then I started thinking.

I was in a biological anthropology class at the time, learning about human evolution; it all became clear. Of COURSE we aren’t adapted to this highly processed diet we have created for ourselves. Although we are a species with a high plasticity in diet, we may have hit our limits. Is my anthropologist showing? (then again, my logo was first a girl with an atlatl…)

I won’t drone on, if you want to learn more about me, click here.

Check out some of my favorite recipes!

DIY Animal Fries (Paleo-ish)

Miss having animal fries on the reg? Me too. Make them at home in a nourishing way AND don’t feel a crash. Win win french fry din!

As for more frequent updates, come see what I’ve been up to on Instagram:

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