Testing, 1… 2… 3!
For my first post, I’d like to share a recipe that I made a few months back, since I wrote down the measurements. 90% of the time I either create recipes from my own curiosity/creativity, or I look up recipes until I become impatient and improvise. This leads to unknown measurements and precise ingredients. 10% of the time I actually follow a recipe.

This is was one of those impatient times with one special exception- a friend asked me the recipe within an hour of making it, allowing me to recall what I had just done. These are 21 Day Sugar Detox friendly, which I imagine also makes them Whole 30 approved. Definitely Paleo, definitely worth making. I think anyone who enjoys lamb would die for this! If you aren’t in with what the cool kids are saying these days, “zoodle” is slang for zucchini noodle, also known as zucchini squash spiraled into noodle like shapes.


Here is my original instagram caption from the day of creation:

Lamb meatballs with zucchini noodles… holy lord. I’ve seen the light🙌🏼 this is one of the best things I’ve ever made. Gonna pat myself on the back for this one.

A little bit spicy… ground lamb flavored with a mix of chopped garlic, onion, tomato purée, fresh rosemary, oregano, sea salt, pepper, and cayenne. Held together with an egg and cooked in a slow cooker with puréed tomato, onion, and a bit of bone broth + repeated spices.

Here is the recipe, please ignore my horrendous writing!


*ingredients are organic, unless clean 15!

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