Vanilla Ice (Cauli)Cream

Vanilla ice what what??

Essentially, I made ice cream out of CAULIFLOWER! It is completely sugar/sweetener free, and strangely delicious. PLUS every time you eat it, you get veggies in your body. Win, win? I think yes.

Now I started fooling around with this concept right after the 21 day sugar detox, when I was trying to find some not so sweet treats. Now I will be the first to tell you that I have always been obsessed with ice cream, and am now obsessed with cauliflower rice. I have to have a bag on hand at all times- it makes my life 100x easier. Now, I understand that this non-sweet business probably isn’t for everyone, BUT I would suggest adding in maple syrup (to your  taste) to the recipe to sweeten it. Alternatively, you could top the “ice cream” with honey as a kind of caramel ribbon.

This recipe requires a food processor and about 5 minutes if you have pre-riced cauliflower! (I got mine from Trader Joe’s). Thank god, because I am running out of time as my second semester of grad school comes to a close!



1 cup cauliflower rice (frozen)

1/2 cup organic half & half

1 tsp vanilla

2 tsp coconut butter (coconut manna)

*add a pinch of salt if you use unsalted cauliflower rice

Throw it all into a food processor, and process until smooth!

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Afterwards, store in the freezer!

I topped mine with some butter roasted pecans as well as some of my coconut oil chocolate bark (see instagram)


Hope you enjoy it!


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