Just BE positive

Hey hey hey strangers! Literally, except for the fact I’m pretty sure only my Mom reads this when she can figure out how to use her computer (ha ha ha …. sorry Mom).

After a weekend at home in San Diego (filled with good eats, family), I am back in Denver! Man oh man some sun and salt water really can heal a San Diego girl!

I am working on my finals (one week until summer) for my first year masters program, and am focusing on positivity! I had gone through a few rough weeks with some personal stuff, but after much reflection, I have decided to focus on BEing positive! Sometimes we just need to take care of ourselves. For me, it has been incorporating more yoga (via the yoga collective online), filling my belly with good food, and getting rid of negative influences in my life (*negative job* cough cough*). Thats right, I’m unemployed for two blissful weeks until I start another job.

Been really into sautéed kale & kimchi (fried eggs, too, like always)

In light of focusing on this positivity, I have started walking more! And luckily, the new PALEO RESTAURANT in Denver is walking distance. It is called “Just Be Kitchen” (see what I did earlier? hehe). Wow, the food is amazing, the staff so kind, and the location is bright, uplifting and inspiring! I went a few days ago to try their “Fulfilled” burrito.

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One of the best things I’ve had in a LONG TIME. Sweet potato hash browns? Chili? Pork? Veggie (not soy or nut!!) cheese?! And a (paleo) tortilla I could live off of?! I had to return. Plus, I’m a jalepano fanatic. As a born and raised San Diegan, I give myself expert status in evaluating breakfast burritos and burritos of any kind. Thats a big deal guys. BIG. DEAL.

I returned there today to get some work done for finals (It’s all papers in anthropology, man). I stopped on at Natural Grocers, conveniently across the street, on the way home to pic up a few essentials too. I had a curry in mind, and I had to get some perfect bars for my boyfriend to snack on as he is coming into town (mans gotta eat!).


Today I went back to work and got cold brew and bone broth with jalepano and tumeric.

I am a happy happy chica! If you’re in the Denver area, I HIGHLY recommend going there. You’ll leave in a better mood, guaranteed. Check it out here.

Later today I decided to make MOVES on my curry. I had picked up some fillets of Dover  Sole at Trader Joes last week and decided that it was going to be the protein for the dish.

Last summer, my boyfriend and I tried a dish in Cambodia called “fish amouk” which combined curry flavors and white fish, so I figured my creation would work out well.

SO! Here it is, my recipe for quick curry, FULL of veggies and flavor!


1 can coconut milk

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp coconut butter

4 tbsp curry powder 

1 cup chopped kale

1 cup chopped bell pepper

1 cup pineapple

2 pinches sea salt

Cayenne, basil, and garlic, to taste.


Add the water and coconut milk into a pot over heat.

Add everything  except for the pineapple, bell pepper, and kale into the pot, and make sure it is well combined (I used a frother to make sure it was well combined). Simmer the pot on medium heat.

Add kale, let it continue to simmer for a minute.

Add pineapple and bell pepper, simmer for a minute.

Take off the heat, and TADA! You’ve got curry! Serve over steamed cauliflower rice.

I cooked the fish separately and then topped the curry with it after, but really any protein would work. Heck, get a rotisserie chicken and throw in some pieces with the pineapple and bell pepper step, and you’re work is done! If this doesn’t seem heavy enough for you, throw some boiled or baked sweet potatoes in your bowl too.

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Guys, aren’t my photos just SOOOO well done? Sorry, I’m 22 with an iPhone and a badly lit apartment, sue me.

I hope you guys try this out and have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Remember to BE positive (and check out Just Be if you need help with that!).

Have a good one,


OH! and for fun, here is a photo of my friends dog I’ve been watching just because you made it through this post, AND HE IS SO CUTE!


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