Shady Shake

Happy almost Friday!

Tonight I am sharing with you a “Shady Shake”, because my friend who is currently loopy from having her wisdom teeth demanded it! I’m calling it a “shady shake” because the ingredients sound like it wouldn’t create something delicious… it seems… shady.

My goal here was to make a little shake-like drink that had no added sugars and was a guilt free treat! I told my boyfriend the other day that I had just had a milkshake, and he immediately called me on my BS (I’m telling you, its a shady shake!). He was like is there any dairy or sugar? Well, no. “AH-HA!  Thats not a milkshake then” (ok he didn’t say ah-ha, but you get the picture).

ANYWAYS, I just wanted a little shake, so double it on up if you’re feeling like you need some more!!

Shady Shake

1/4 cup coconut milk

3/8 cup cold herbal licorice tea (brew ahead of time, set aside to cool/place in fridge)

1/2 banana, frozen

1 pinch of sea salt

1.5 tsp unsweetened cacao powder

Handful of Ice

2 tsp cacao nibs

Blend and enjoy!

As always, you can add maple syrup or honey to this if you want (I would add honey in with the tea while its still hot) to make it extra sweet!

The coconut milk is a great fat, potassium from the banana, a kick of energy from the chocolate and fruit sugars, and the licorice tea promotes a healthy digestive system!


I hope you try out the shake, and fool your tastebuds with this guiltless drink!


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