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Holy crepe- get it? ha-ha-ha…

Okay, I love puns. Do you hate them? We’d probably not get along- well or you’d find me incredibly annoying. ANYWHO that is not the point here. The point is to share with you a crepe recipe that I made, tried, tried again, and freaking LOVE.

The reason I wanted this is because growing up my grandma (she and I are still incredibly close- we text) always made me these crepe-like thin pancakes filled with apple sauce and topped with powdered sugar when I slept over.

My grandma & I back in the day

It was my absolute favorite. Apparently it was a tradition that my great-great grandparents brought over when they immigrated from Germany. They may be called Pfannekuchen, but I’m probably wrong. Either way, I had never really been a pancake fan growing up,  except for these! So, I set on a quest to recreate it using alternative stuff!

And its ” #throwbackThursday” (is my millennial showing?!) so its the perfect occasion to share!

TBT CREPE (coconut flour based; nut free; grain free)

(for the crepe)

-2 eggs

-1/2 tbsp coconut milk

-3 tbsp water

-1/4 tsp baking powder (I made my own out of cream of tartar & baking soda)

-1 tsp grassfed butter, melted (or coconut oil or ghee)

-pinch of sea salt

-1.5 tbsp coconut flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill)

Mix all ingredients except the coconut flour well. Then incorporate the coconut flour- mix well until there are no bumps nor lumps. I greased my pan a little with butter, and made sure it was hot before pouring on the mixture. Move the pan around to make a large, thin layer of batter. Wait until many bubbles form, then flip. Wait until both sides seem fully cooked, then move onto the next one! I would turn the heat down to medium after the first one. Recipe makes about 3 crepes.

THEN, fill it with whatever you want, but I suggest filling it with applesauce.



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I got some local organic apple sauce (only ingredient is apples) at the farmers market, and used that as my filling, then sprinkled cinnamon on top. Honey drizzled on top and or coconut cream would make it extra decadent.


I wish my photos had better lighting/quality oh well

I also tried filling it with spinach, goat cheese, tomato, basil, olive oil, & balsamic- its great savory too!

Yes, that is a dinosaur toothpick.

I hope you guys try it, and enjoy your own #TBT to crepes (that is, if they are in your past haha).


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Well, I am going to go avoid all my dishes and get back to doing some actual paying work. This grad student’s gotta buy groceries! HA.

Have a good one guys!


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