Skin Care (if ya dare)

Hello! I decided to write a post about some more natural body products I’ve been using, including a few supplements that I’ve actually (haha) stuck to taking! I’m definitely not someone who uses all organic or clean body products, but I would like to move in that direction as I get older! I mean our bodies are porous, so it makes sense to put only things that you want inside your body on its outside!

Let’s start with my FACE:IMG_4604

Here is my facial squad (?). First up, avocado oil. I started washing my face with just avocado oil about 8 months ago. Hot rag, avocado oil, hot rag (make sure to really rub those eyebrows- they trap the oil!). It has really helped with keeping my skin moist (sorry if  you HATE that word)- especially in DRY old Denver. Next, I use apple cider vinegar for both acne and as an after workout cleanser. Every day after the gym, I take a cotton ball of apple cider vinegar and clean my face with it. This helps reduce the possibility of sweat-induced acne. Finally, I have oregano oil. I HATE THE SMELL. But oregano oil is a miracle worker, whether internally (when you’re sick- I swear it kills everything) or externally. For big (especially painful or deep) zits, I dip a Q-tip in water, add a drop of oregano oil and then rub that sucker. It really works, but you’ll smell like good ‘ol oregano oil (so maybe not before a date haha).  You can pick these up at Whole Foods, order on Amazon, or Natural Grocers!

NEXT? I’ve began a weekly ritual of exfoliating my face and then putting this on:


Freshly applied in all its glory haha!

love this mask! I got it via ThriveMarket. It recommends adding either apple cider vinegar or water to the clay, so I do 50/50. Also, this seems like it will last me forever, and it was under $10, if I remember correctly.

As for moisturizer, I use a little* jojoba oil or coconut oil when I really need it. Usually it is unnecessary due to the avocado oil washing. Also, I’ll use coconut oil every once and a while on my body after a good shower/shave/exfoliation. I don’t like to use it daily, as I don’t have time for it to absorb into my skin (sorry, but I cannot get all my clothes covered in coconut oil, even if it does make me smell like a Hawaiian vacation!).



Ok, so after much contemplation, I SWITCHED TO NATURAL DEODORANT! Super clean ingredients- like arrowroot, sage & lavender essential oils, coconut oil, and jojoba oil! Two weeks in, so far, so good. It doesn’t last as long as conventional deodorants, but thats something I’m willing to compromise for cleaner ingredients! I’m using it in 80+ degree weather, and so far I’m liking it!

The sunscreen I like as well- however, you need to rub it in quickly unless you want you’re whole face to be white! I got both from Target.



The first is a B-12 vitamin supplement that I take daily, and tastes like candy. My Mom suggested it after I complained to her about being extraordinarily tired and having possible adrenal fatigue. Honestly, I have noticed a difference, and have been less desperate for caffeine (but letttzzzzbehonest, I love coffee). This is available on Amazon.

Finally, when I moved to Denver, the altitude and busy schedule left me feeling extremely sore (shouldn’t-be-happening-to-a-22-year-old pain). So I decided to start taking “Natural Calm” which is a magnesium supplement (which aids with soreness)  that had added calcium as well. WOW, I NOTICED A BIG DIFFERENCE. I now add it to my water everyday after a workout.

I’m no expert, just an almost 23 (WOOP WOOP BIRTHDAY MONTH!) year old gal who has found a groove with some less processed products that works for her. Maybe it’ll work for you too.

Heres a close up of my non makeup face if that matters to you (first photo I found was from a day on the lake hehe)


Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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