“Can’t-Believe It’s Not Junk” Eggplant Fried Cauli Rice”

“Can’t-Believe It’s Not Junk” Eggplant Fried Cauli Rice”… you’re probably thinking really Alexis, you’re gonna name something with this long a$$ title?!

Um. Yes, yes I am because of several reasons:

  2. It is probably the EASIEST THING TO MAKE
  4. This is probably my last recipe/post at age 22.. and the best thing I’ve made at 22

Reason enough?! HECK YA.

So yes, Saturday is my 23rd birthday, and despite people worrying that “No body likes you when you’re 23” (Blink 182, guys), I am excited because I think I am going to like me at 23, and thats big. Big and cheesy, but true.

So to celebrate this next year, I am sharing with you my favorite go-to meal. It is so cheap too! Each ingredient on here is under $2 besides the olive oil, (maybe) butter, and the whole dozen of eggs… but you use those things for lots of other things too! *READ: If you shop at Trader Joes, that is*

If you’ve never tried coconut aminos, don’t worry, I left a bottle at my boyfriends house of seven 22-25 year old guys… and they started using & liking it. You’ll be fine.


Speaking of which, I’ve made variations of this dish for my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. Paleo, healthy, unhealthy, vegetarian, teenager, adult… they all liked it.

It is so good, you won’t believe the amount of veggies, good fats, & protein thats packed in.

So, without further ado, here is my “Can’t-Believe It’s Not Junk” Eggplant Fried Cauli Rice”.

“Can’t-Believe It’s Not Junk” Eggplant Fried Cauli Rice” (serves 1)

2 cup sliced & diced eggplant

1 cup cauliflower rice

1 tsp butter (grassfed, unsalted)

2 tbsp coconut aminos

1 egg

1/2 tsp Trader Joes Everything Bagel Spice

1 tbsp olive oil


2 tbsp dry, unsalted peanuts

2 tbsp freshly diced bell peppers

Hot sauce (I use Picaflor SirRAWcha)

What to do- this should take you far under 10 minutes:

Steam cauliflower rice on one pan.

(You can also do this all on one pan if you want!)

Cut up and dice eggplant. Boil until no loner green, remove water. 

Clear room on “cauli” pan, add butter to fry the egg. let it fry a little(until egg whites begin to whiten), then add eggplant and scramble it all together (FRIED RICE STYLE YO). Immediately add coconut aminos, stir until dry!

 Then add the everything bagel spice & olive oil- then top it with peanuts for crunch (if you’re ok with peanuts, they work better for my stomach then nuts do- no they are not part of the “paleo diet”. See my resources page), or once I used fresh bell pepper on top instead of peanuts, also great. I loveeee the crunch haha. 

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Oh baby!
Could be sexier, but its what’s on the INSIDE that counts, duh!

If you want to make this a heavier meal, add more eggs or I suggest having a side of steamed broccoli and adding in chicken. Marinate the chicken in the coconut aminos and  everything bagel seasoning before baking… and then you’re all set for a kick-a$$ meal!

If you’re wondering why all my meals are usually single serving- its because I live in a studio and most of my meals are spent with me, myself, and I.

FYI, eggplant & cauliflower are both on the Clean 15, meaning that conventional produce is pretty much safe to eat. More on that in my resources page.

I hope you guys try it, enjoy it, and love it! I swear I eat this multiple times a week- enough to turn into a giant eggplant. And it is SO BUDGET FRIENDLY.

This week has been a bit crazy. A wedding, a concert, a killer/fun crossfit workout at Just Be Kitchen (kicked my BUTT, seriously my butt is still sore), the ECLIPSE & the end of summer.

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My last first week of school (2nd year of my Master’s) so I have been busy with school, completely cleaning & reorganizing my apartment, cooking (duh), and enjoying my last few days as 22. So back to that I go. Have a  great week/weekend guys!



Ps. I’ll leave you with this…


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