Nhummus” is my not hummus version of hummus. How do you say it? Like you’re confused about whether or not you want hummus.

Now this comes after a long weekend of fun- I turned 23! And so far, so good. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the recipe (or you can scroll, but let me tell you about it).

The birthday week/weekend started off with early birthday packages from my family. My grandma sent me some cute party decor, and my immediate family (READ: Momma bear + a signed family card) sent me a box of snack goodies!


The SEVA brand Kale chips were pizza flavored, and were so good that I ate them all on the spot. The jar contains some dairy free/refined sugar free fudge too!

Then my boyfriend flew into town, we saw the Lumineers & tried this new adult beverage– my new fav. ALCOHOLIC JUN! Jun is essentially Kombucha, but it is fermented off of honey instead of refined sugar.


Low cal, yummy, and we both approved…I’m definitely buying again.

The weekend continued with heading to JUST BE Kitchen, because its my birthday and I love them. A few days before my boyfriend asked if we could go, and my only response was “duh”. I mean my favorite place?! I have to go on my birthday.

I tried the “WONDERFUL” veggie hash, but had them sub the almond sauce for pork chili! AMAZING. My boyfriend got the always incredible “FULFILLED” burrito, and we shared coffee and had some Kombucha Mimosas!

Another great addition for my birthday: My boyfriend got me the Balanced Bites Spices- organic, gluten free, delicious- and made by Dianne Sanfilippo! Such a great gift… I am excited to start incorporating them into my cooking!


The rest of the weekend was filled with more delicious eats & friends… we checked out Sushi Den and also drank wayyy too many jalapeño watermelon margaritas….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But now back to the real world. I like to make my Nhummus at the beginning of the week so I have something to snack on all week- whether I dip veggies, paleo chips/crackers… or just throw it in with a salad. Its so easy- and a weekly necessity now! I hope you make a batch, and find what spices work best for you!

BASIC Nhummus:

1 cup (8 oz) pumpkin puree

1/2 cup tahini butter (no salt)

5 tbsp olive oil

2 cloves garlic

1 tsp sea salt (only add if your spice does not have salt)

2-3 tbsp of your spice of choice… here I used Balance Bite’s GREEK spice blend.

Throw into a food processor & keep in an old jar for all your dipping needs!! 

Some other suggestions for flavors- doing a curry powder & tumeric Nhummus, paprika & cayenne, extra garlic & basil…. the possibilities are endless!


Have a great week!



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