Lazy Girl’s Apple Crumble

After a long Labor Day weekend of eating, drinking *gasp*, and walking around in the sun, man has it been nice to SIT DOWN this week. Although, knowing me, it won’t be for long. Since I am heading out of the country soon, I have been taking the week to make recipes, get ahead on school work, and rest my liver.

Recently I tried Morning Collective, a yummy place to eat off Broadway in Denver. Great cocktails & food! I got the half “healthy bowl”. Did not disappoint.


This week has also been very exciting because I am MAKING MOVES on starting my master’s thesis- very exciting, folks.

All of these events in my life have got me feeling tired…. I’m sure you’ve felt lazy before? Yes? No?

This inspired my “lazy girl’s apple crumble”. Low in added sugar, nut free, and EASY to make.  Heck, you don’t even need an oven (this is due to the fact that MY OVEN IS STILL BROKEN. I AM SO VERY HAPPY..).

I used local organic apple sauce with ONE ingredient: apples. Make sure you follow suit (apple sauce can sometimes be full of added sugar & crap…. and non-organic apples are heavily sprayed with pesticides!)

I hope you try it out, and enjoy! Serves one (duh!).


1 tsp coconut oil

3 tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes (I used the ones from Trader Joes)

1 tbsp sunflower seed butter

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp honey

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1 pinch sea salt

1/4 cup apple sauce (ONLY INGREDIENT SHOULD BE APPLES***)

Mix all ingredients, except apple sauce, in a bowl.

Separately, warm the apple sauce in a pot, set aside in a bowl/ramequin. 

Place the contents of the mixture bowl onto a warm pan- continually mixing as to not burn. Once the mixture is warm & browning slightly (this should take about 1 minute in a warm pan) , immediately remove from heat. Place mixture on top of applesauce in bowl/ramequin… & TADA! Your dessert is done. 

Serve alone or with coconut cream/ coconut milk/any vanilla ice cream!



I hope you enjoy the fruits of my laziness, and have a great rest of your week!

OH and some food for thought.

I wanted to mention this book excerpt that I read in SAPIENS (I’m an anthropologist, remember?). Any who, it talks about over-romanticizing our paleolithic ancestors. I think it’s healthy to remember that in no point of our species’ trajectory have we been perfect, eaten perfectly, yada yada. So definitely give it a read (especially if you ever get too worked up on having a perfect “paleo life”).


Ps. I’ve added a contact page to the blog! Feel free to email me with any questions about food, or if you want my opinion on anthropological matters 🙂

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