My oh my it is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! If you haven’t yet gone to the grocery store, I recommend that you go today. Stores start selling out and you don’t want to be missing an ingredient! I still need to head to another store because the one I went to didn’t have something I needed.

Below are some of the Recipes that I have (of course I would double them since I am a small-serving chica since I live alone) that I would recommend bringing to your feast!


Maple-nutmeg Roasted Walnuts


Mini Pumpkin Spiced Breads



(add these to create a savory side to your chip & veggie dip display before the meal!)

Warm Spinach Dip

Vegan Warm Spinach Dip

Dairy-free Creamy Cheese Sauce

IMG_0213 (1)

MAIN FEAST (put these on the table with the turkey)

(Dairy Free) Cheesy Pesto Casserole  


No-bread Kneaded Rosemary Stuffing


Jalapeño Cranberry Sauce

IMG_1737 (1)


(Save room for these!)

No-bake Pumpkin Chocolate Bombs


Pumpkin (dairy free) Ice Cream

IMG_0800 (1)

Gooey no-bake apple pie bites

IMG_1726 (1)

Lazy Girl’s Apple Crumble

IMG_0292 (1)

Maple Cassava Blondies (Primal)




Thanksgiving Collard Wraps


Apple Pie Pancakes


Some final tips I have for Thanksgiving:

Freeze some red and green grapes- that way if you’re limited on fridge space and guests would like to chill their wine, they can without diluting it.

Don’t want too many left overs? Ask guests to bring their own tupperware. Saves plastic too!

Kids joining? Make sure to have something for the kiddos. Blank pieces of paper, crayons, and a suggestion to make “hand turkeys” is enough! This will keep them busy (and out of the kitchen) when its game time. Additionally, making your own “sparkling apple juice” with organic no-sugar added apple juice and sparkling water for the kids as an extra treat.

Always have vanilla ice cream on hand (as usual, preferably organic; I really like Straus Creamery & Coconut Bliss (dairy free) brands). It is easy, and can be paired with almost anything, even for the pickiest dessert connoisseurs.

Don’t do the “Thanksgiving fast”. Some people like to ‘fast’ before the ‘feast’. But this just leads to eating an already large sum with a stomach that has shrunk from lack of food- this combo just causes extra pain! Make sure to eat something in the morning, even if its light. Eating something in the morning will instead kick-start your metabolism for the day so you’ll be ready to feast!!

Move around on Thanksgiving. Encourage a family member (or more) to go on a Thanksgiving walk with you, a Turkey Trot, or get some exercise in the morning. That way you’ll be feeling extra-good (mentally & physically) heading into Thanksgiving dinner, which can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful.

Also! WINE! Try to go for dry, low sugar wines (this will help with sugar spikes and and hangovers!). My favorite brand is FitVine wine, but you can also look for wines that are traditionally less-sweet. For example, Chardonnay from Sonoma, Chablis wines from France, and anything that says “dry” and NOT “fruit forward”.

I also suggest having a probiotic in the morning! That way your belly will be extra prepared for whats coming next.

Well, I wish you and you families a happy, healthy, and YUMMY Thanksgiving. Enjoy yourselves 🙂





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