Egg-in-Hole Egggplant toast


Or shall I say post-party-people. Everyone and their mother seems to be partaking in either going ‘gluten free’, the Whole30, or the 21 Day sugar detox! So, I made a commitment to do a week of Whole30. I know you may be laughing, but Whole 30 isn’t really all that different than my normal diet, minus the alcohol (Whoopsidaisy). So basically I’m just making sure I am not having any baked goods, added sugars, or alcohol this week.

I did the 21 day sugar detox last year, which was cool, but I honestly don’t want to add stress around food, or another level of analyzing what I’m eating. I do it enough, no need to go gung-ho (spelling??) now.

Instead I’m still indulging in my recent chocolate obsession- with 100% unsweetened dark chocolate!

Not everyone is a fan though…. 😉 My boyfriend tried this stuff and was outraged.


Earlier this week I was NOT feeling so hot. So I downed a lot of homemade (by muah) chicken (no noodle) soup, bone broth, oregano oil, & herbal remedies. I also actually let myself sleep in and relax– something I am not good at but am getting better at.

This week I also tried out Honest Stand Nacho Cheese dip. It’s really good- except that it tastes too much like actual nacho cheese which almost grosses me out haha! But I’m almost done with the container! I also tried out a free class with DEFINE DENVER at JustBe Kitchen with a good friend of mine this week. After we enjoyed some delicious food at JustBe- because you can’t NOT do that. Double negative, whoops. Get at me.

Finally I wanted to mention two other exciting things!

The first being that NomNom Paleo is NATIONWIDE in having her recipes served at WholeFoods hot bars! This is SO exciting, as ‘paleo’ options are almost never available at the WholeFoods hot bar. It is almost exclusively cooked in Canola Oil, so these NomNom paleo dishes are a real treat…and real good. I’ve had a few bites but cannot wait until I ‘don’t have time to cook’ and get a full on meal.

I also have just seen a few episodes of “Kids Baking Championship”. OMGGGG guys, its my new guilty pleasure. And sure, they are a few seasons in… so I am late to the game. I am the worst with any sort of TV or movie, so let me have this. These kids are so creative and soo young!

So. This week’s recipe! Do you remember the days of everything bagels, toast & eggs for breakfast? Well here it is, the grain free version of the egg-in-hole breakfast!

It really, really is good.

I used to love to make egg-in-hole toast as a kid, and it was in fact one of the first things I learned to cook on my own. I hope you enjoy this rendition!

This recipe is also easily made Whole 30 compliant- just swap ghee for the butter. I also believe it is kept friendly and 21 day sugar detox friendly!! But please correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂


Sliced Eggplant, about half an inch in thickness (longwise)

1 tsp unsalted grassfed butter

1/2 tsp everything bagel spice (trader joes)


Extra butter (for pan)

Slice up your eggplant. Take a jar to your eggplant, and cut out a hole. 

Next, melt 1 tsp unsalted butter. Massage (yes, i said massage) melted butter all over both sides of the eggplant slice. Next, take everything bagel seasoning and ‘press’ it all over both sides.

Place the eggplant slice on parchment paper in the oven at 375 for 7 minutes, flipping half way. Next, transfer the eggplant to a buttered pan.

Crack open egg into hole, and fry egg on medium heat until almost done. Flip once, before removing from heat. Clean up any extra egg whites that may have spilt over for presentation (and eat em, duh).





Have a wonderful day!




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