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Creamy Cauli. Sauce & Zoodles

Happy Tuesday! 

Wow oh wow was last weekend a wild one. Well, wild in that I hung out with one of my best friends all weekend, and she got to meet my Denver friends & visit the places (and food) I love! Get ready for way too much information & honesty on what I did.

She also got to experience the classic ‘DENVER WEATHER’… Friday we were sweating outside having a beer –*gasp* *gluten alert*– at about 70 degrees and Sunday I drove her to the airport in the snow. This was a FEAT. I was exhausted/hungover from our weekend shenanigans and it was reallllyyyy snowing. I was terrified, but I did it with patience and by blasting the Lumineers in my car. I survived!!


Thursday my friend landed, and we hit up Avanti for some Kombucha cocktails & gluten-free arepas. OH BABY. So so so good. We also shared some fried plantains. Amazing.

Gluten Arepas (corn + water + salt= ‘bread’) & Gin/Kombucha/lemon cocktails ft. plantains

Friday we worked out, checked out red rocks, and walked around the city! I showed her Denver’s Union Station, the new Whole Foods (where we had Nomnompaleo’s hot bar!), American Cultures (a Kombucha tap house), and two breweries. It’s Denver, we have to. we also met the cutest dogs along the way! We also tried the happy hour cocktails at Colt & Gray, which I would really recommend. They had some really talented & kind bartenders too!

Red Rocks

Saturday we went to Just Be Kitchen, of course!! We both got the Fulfilled burrito and a few treats. A few friends of mine met us for brunch, and three of us decided on bottomless mimosas there. As you can see, this was a CLEAN CLEAN weekend…*sarcasm*.  Then we went to Postino wine bar and got a gluten free bruschetta board. It’s pretty dang goooddddd if you’re wondering.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Long story short, we walked, ate, pet dogs, danced, & drank our way all around Denver this weekend. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, even if it did mean waking up Sunday with a big old zit.

The weekend ended with a bunch of eating in bed (hungover), and a free Core Power Yoga Sculpt class that kicked my booty. Today (Monday, as I write this) was also its own ordeal. 1. I am very sore from the Core Power Yoga Sculpt class. 2. I waited 3 hours outside in line for Hamilton tickets. 3. I didn’t succeed. I wanted to SO BADLY and got very close. But, I had an interview for my thesis work, so I had to call it quits. 4. I also hadn’t eaten enough between my workout and cold outside line experience, and was HANGRY, man. But you win some, you loose some I suppose!


But I digress… (I know you’re thinking no sh*t sherlock)

I made this super amazing recipe. I only say that because it is!! Its creamy, savory, and PACKED with nutrients. I mean first of all it has bone broth in it, which is full of protein and collagen (these help with muscle repair & retention and long/strong hair/nails & healthy skin, respectively). Bone broth is also great for your gut. It is dairy free as well! I used the mushroom chicken bone broth because it is my current FAVORITE. Great for sipping and recipes.

CREAMY CAULI SAUCE & ZOODLES (I recommend this for 1-2 servings)

For the sauce:

1.5 cauliflower, steamed (I used pre-riced)

1/2 cup mushroom chicken Kettle & Fire Bone bone broth

1/4 cup soaked raw cashews

1 tbsp coconut butter (also known as coconut manna)

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp garlic


One large zucchini, spiralized. Makes about 3 cups zoodles.

Need: A spiralizer, heat source (steaming- I used skillet), and immersion blender.

Soak cashews for at least 30 minutes. Steam cauliflower rice. Add cashews, cauliflower, coconut butter, and bone broth to a jar. Take an immersion blender & blend until creamy. Add spices, blend well.

MAKE YA ZOODLES & steam them. 

*I recommend adding some protein on the side* I added chicken breast- I cooked some in avocado oil on the skillet with some salt and pepper.


Mix the sauce & zoodles together, along with the protein of choice. ENJOY!!!

I would probably make this for one person, but two could share this as well… but it would be on the smaller portion side. I say one large zucchini a person, and one batch of sauce per zucchini!



I hope you try it out! I was besides myself when I did 🙂


Stay warm,


Ps. No, I am not gluten free by need, but by WANT. So the occasional beer doesn’t kill me. Again, balance people!! Be happy 🙂

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