Dark Chocolate Espresso Protein Bites

Howdy howdy!

Last week led to some great advances towards my masters degree- applying for graduation, getting farther along in my thesis, my last ‘first class’… which was followed by another great weekend in the books. My lovely boyfriend visited and we did a lot of fun stuff around Denver with some good friends.

As per usual, when the boyfriend visits, I like to make some sort of baked good. 1. He likes it 2. I can make something yummy without having to eat a whole loaf of banana bread or batch of cookies by myself (lol). So I decided to make Rachlmansfield’s Paleo (Nut Free) Banana Bread. I subbed tahini butter in for the sun butter.

Well, it didn’t go so smoothly. First of all, I made the batter and poured it into a loaf pan. I made half of it with sweetened chocolate chips and the other with unsweetened (I like them!). First thing that happens when I try to put it in the toaster oven: pan BARELY doesn’t fit. But it gets in their far enough for some of the parchment paper to burn. PERFECT. So I did an emergency transfer to a new pan whilst trying to maintain the integrity of the separation of chocolate chips. In the end it survived, but man was that both frustrating and hilarious

Whatever. It was made and we demolished it.

We met up with our friends at Denver Central Market for the first time- I’d never been- for some wine & dinner! I got a big ‘ol kale/brussel sprouts salad from Green Seed Market (SORRY MOM… 😉 long story folks), which had bacon & so many fixings; I also added chicken. We tried the coconut milk based ice cream their too! Pretty good if you are dairy free and in the area.


Sunday we went to the wonderful Just Be Kitchen– the FULFILLED burrito is something he looks forward to on his visits. I got the WONDER veggie hash with pork green chili & a biscuit! OMG 😍 it was so light, fluffy, and just heavenly. Oh- & nut free! I’m going back for one ASAP.

If you haven’t been, Just Be kitchen is a space in Denver that is full of good, allergen friendly REAL food. It is grainfree and such a positive space with amazing people. Still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to live close to such a space.

Finally, as per our relationship via long distance tradition, we made dinner Sunday night! Easy coconut flour ‘fried chicken’ in avocado oil, 5 minute marinara sauce , zucchini noodles, some parmesan cheese & wine made from organic grapes. All organic, easy, pretty dang inexpensive, & delishhhh 🙂


And now for today’s recipe!!

The following are great little snacks before a workout or in between meals when you need a little boost. They have the consistency of a Tootsie roll… but with a hint of espresso. So they double as a treat. HECK YA! Of course you can omit the espresso if thats just not how you roll (ha ha ha). Also, these can easily be made vegetarian/vegan, by replacing the 2 tbsp collagen with a plant-based protein powder-  I would recommend a chocolate plant protein or something along those lines. I wouldn’t add more hemp, for fear that it might disrupt the flavor.

DARK CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO PROTEIN BITES (makes about 15-18 little bites!)

10 dates (soaked)

2 tbsp coconut butter (manna)

1 tbsp cocoa butter

1/2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp tahini butter

2 tbsp collagen

1 tbsp hemp protein powder

3 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp ground coffee

2 tsp coconut flour 

1 tbsp chocolate chips (I used 100% dark Pascha baking chocolate)

pinch of sea salt

Soak dates until soft (alternatively, you can soak them in warmer/heated water to expedite this). Place into a food processor and BLEND BABY BLEND.

Combine coconut butter, tahini, cocoa butter (softened or slightly melted), and coconut oil. Add the mixture to the dates in the food processor. BLEND MORE.

Add protein powder & collagen (or 3 tbsp of your choice of protein). BLEND.

Add cocoa powder, coconut flour, salt and coffee. Blend well.

Finally, add the chocolate chips . FINAL BLEND.

Then, take the gooey dough-like mixture and either 1) roll it into balls on parchment paper, or 2) push the dough into a little chocolate silicon mold. Finally, place in fridge or freezer for an hour. Then enjoy! (Make sure to store in fridge -or freezer if you want them harder- like a frozen tootsie roll haha).

Great alone, but if you NEEED a topping for ice cream. These don’t hurt 😉



I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week!




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