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Strawberry Coconut V-Day Chocolates

Happy week-before-Valentine’s Day peeps!!

This week has been a crazy one. But what is new?

This week I FINALLY got a new oven (PRAISE THE LORD). Which has been very very exciting.

Isn’t she gorgeous? haha

I also got a lot of work done for my degree, and am inching closer and closer to finishing my thesis interviews!!

Fun stuff. I went to a few cool events too… a year anniversary part of the STK Denver location (it was soo cool), the First-Friday Art Walk through the Denver Santa Fe Art District, and the opening of a new bar! And this was all before Sunday! This weekend my liver has been a champ. BALANCE OK. (And yes, I know I can’t just go around being trashy to my body and just scream “balance!” after haha). I even CURLED MY HAIR this weekend. BIG STUFF. I also discovered the coolest new brewery in Denver- it has a theme of travel, and most beers are either gluten free or gluten reduced! It’s called THE INTREPID SOJOURNER BEER PROJECT and I’m in love. I had a LAVENDER TRIPEL. WHAT!! They use local spices to infuse their beers.. so cool.

In other news, remember last week when I made those coconut flour-crusted chicken nuggets?? Well, since then, my younger brother “@ernestlyprimal” on Instagram and my boyfriend both made them!! So that was kinda nice.

Sorry, to my bf once you see this screenshot of your snapchat

Of course, this weekend was Super Bowl Sunday. It started off, for me, with an outside workout at Just Be Kitchen by Pearl Street fitness… in 15 degrees with light snow. But I bundled up, walked* over there, and did it! And it KICKED MY BUTT. I am still sore, but better for it!

Sunday afternoon I had a bit of a stress attack/gloom cloud wash over me.. but that was fixed before the time for the big game! Life happens, and to pretend we are always perfectly happy is dumb. I tried Wish Garden’s “Emotional Ally” (sounds cheesy, I know), which is supposed to help against ‘anxiety and duress’. Any who, I felt better, and who knows what really went on, but I did feel almost a relaxing buzz after about 20 minutes! Strange things, friends.

I made the BEST BYOSNACK platter too. Essentially what lies below. I also was sipping on some gluten free hard cider and hard kombucha 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today (Monday) I have been getting a lot done… recipe development, job applications… if anyone is hiring in the San Francisco bay area and is looking for someone who is interested in nutrition, the social determinates of health, and public health… feel free to email me 😉 I get my Masters in Medical Anthropology this May.

Now I’ve got a school assignment in the bag, this blog done, and I will soon go for a nice little walk before seeing The Killer’s with a friend tonight! SO EXCITED, I’ve heard they are great.

One more thing- I have been getting into trying / practicing more diverse yoga poses. I am finally getting out of the ‘I can’t’ headspace about it!! And its actually really exciting to see what I can do. I was listening to “The Man” by The Killers and had the urge to see how my hurdler’s pose has been coming along. And man, was I happy about it!! I sent it to my Mom (a bad a$$ at yoga/COULD BE (should be) instructor who is certified) and she called me saying I should post it. I said NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. Yet I am participating in this yoga pose challenge this week with some friends… (check out my Instagram stories for those this week). So you know what? The heck with it. I’ll post it here, since I’m sure it doesn’t get that much traffic… right? O.o


BAM. There I did it, MOM. But in all honesty I am excited to have come this far in the pose!

Well without further blabber, here is this week’s recipe!! They are Strawberry Coconut chocolates… heart shaped of course. They make a great topping to ice cream dishes too, to make them extra full of love. I hope you guys love these, and share them with those people in your life that make you happy.


2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp coconut butter/manna

3 tbsp cocoa butter

1 tbsp CLEAN strawberry spread (I USED THIS)

1/2 tsp vanilla

Pinch sea salt

3 tsp honey

Melt/ soften coconut oil, coconut manna, and cocoa butter. Combine all three, let cool/solidify a bit. Add honey, strawberry spread, vanilla, and salt. Continually mixing, add to mold. Freeze. For best results, keep cold until ready to eat!!


A heart a top a little DIY fro-yo (coconut milk yogurt, cocoa powder, & frozen banana)

Have a LOVE-ly week everyone!


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