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‘PB&J’ Bites

Hola! Welcome back to HuntingHanger.

This weekend was spent hanging out with my good ‘ol boyfriend, friends, and eating yummayyy food.

If you missed out on my Rootz Nutrition code last week, don’t fear, you can find it on last week’s post.

Thursday night my boyfriend and I celebrated Valentines day in: I learned how to make the classic prohibition cocktail ‘the bee’s knees’ (I’m so fancy right? Ha!) and then for dinner with some garlic cauliflower mash, seared scallops, and broccolini… paired with some wine from San Luis Obispo county (where we went to college). And finally we had some Luna & Larry’s coconut milk ice cream with A Saucy Kitchen’s paleo fudgy brownies. HOLY SMOKES EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD. The recipe for the brownies are here, if you want it (you do).

Friday we checked out Mizu in Denver for another date night (long distance man, you have to cram everything in a short period of time!)- got the jalapeño hamachi sashimi, some rolls, and brussel sprouts. Food was really good and the restaurant had really cool vibes.

Saturday I showed the bf my new fav obsession of Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project (mostly gluten reduced or gluten free beer), GF arepas at Avanti, and we hung out with friends all night.

Finished off the weekend with Just Be kitchen & a home cooked meal. And it was a beautiful 70 degrees in Denver…

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Another fun thing to mention is that it snowed allllll day (today being Monday as I write this). Yes. 70 degrees Sunday. 13 degrees and snow all day Monday. HELLO DENVER. Super cold… which made me crave alllllll the food. I was so. Hungry. All. Day. Key word being was as I made sure to fill my belly right on up.

After working at a coffee shop for some time, I came home and made some easy veggie chicken curry with bone broth, coconut milk and all the fixings (aka cashews & cauliflower rice for me!). Yum yum yum. Finished it off with some sweet potato & coyo… and some paleo (dairy free refined sugar free) Hu chocolate (which I tried today). SO GOOD GUYS.


Anyways, I had a recipe to share, didn’t I? I made these balls as a pre or post workout snack… or you know a snack that nothing to do with working out. If you’re a mom- I would totalllyyyy give these to my kids as an after school snack. Trust me, they’d dig em.

I thought they were bomb but it really was my boyfriend who fell in love with them. Refined sugar free, dairy free, nut & peanut free, with fiber, good fats, protein… can’t complain over here! I hope you try ’em out- maybe your next meal prep sesh? They are peanut butter & bad-jelly free but still have the taste of a good old pb &j!

‘PB&J’ BITES (makes 10-14 depending on how big you like ’em!)

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1/4 cup sunbutter 

1/4 cup strawberry fruit spread – again use THIS clean one

10 dates, soaked soft

Dash or two of cinnamon

2 pinches sea salt

3 tbsp coconut flour

(Optional) 3 tbsp collagen powder (I use Great Lakes brand)

Cinnamon & coconut flour for dusting

Soak (or lightly simmer in water if you’re in a rush) dates until soft. Pulse dates in a food processor until like a paste. Add the sunbutter and coconut. Process away. Add the fruit spread, and rest of ingredients. Process, process the day away (ok just process until well combined). Finally, remove mixture to parchment paper, place in the fridge to set for a few minutes. Next, take ‘dough’ out of the fridge, and use a spoon to form little balls, dusting the balls with coconut flour and cinnamon as you go (I suggest putting some on another bit of parchment paper and rolling the balls on it). Finally, store in the fridge (or freezer if you like them more firm or travel-able). 

They might not be the sexiest-looking… BUT they taste sexy. Is that a thing? Does that sound wrong? Hmm. Maybe. Forget semantics- either way, they are good.

Well I hope you guys enjoy have a ball with these! 😛


Happy Tuesday, and keep on trucking…. (as I go back to working on my thesis and applying for big kid jobs).



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