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Happy Tuesday!

MORRO ROCK from the plane!

Now if you haven’t noticed (and honestly, maybe you haven’t), I travel somewhat frequently. With my family in San Diego, my boyfriend in San Francisco, my friends all over, my brother in the UK, and a love for travel… I tend to be on the move. So today I thought I would share some of my favorite travel snacks with you all for today’s blog.

Before I get to that, I would like to share a little of my current SF-SD trip.

I came home to spend time with loved ones (and work on my thesis, sorry Mom). My one need-to-be-there thing this week was cancelled, so homeward bound I was! First, I surprised my bf in San Francisco (totally didn’t know I was visiting) at Souvla- my favorite Greek place ever! Shoutout to my friend Jackie for helping me pull this off- also be sure to check out her Instagram Partially Health and Fitness for some killer gym inspiration! While there we all saw a concert (A Day to Remember… hehe). It was all so fun. My bf & I also tried out Salt & Straw (craft ice-cream) and ROAM burger (grassfed burgers!). I got honey lavender and olive oil ice cream; Bacon avocado lettuce wrapped burger and shared some sweet potato fries.

San Fran:

San Diego:

In San Diego I brunched at Cafe 21 Gaslamp (got the veggie skillet… it was good but the service was really bad unfortunately), where things are locally sourced and organic. I made my Mom my dairy free “cheese” sauce with ground beef and zoodles for dinner a la hamburger helper style, and finally we went to a fun Oscars party where grilled swordfish, jerk chicken and portabellas were accompanied by grilled veggies and amazing sauces (especially the cashew pesto).

Now back to the main event:

Favorite travel snacks to buy:

Bulletproof bars (Vanilla, then Fudge, then Lemon- but all really good!)

CHOMPS with a green apple. Honestly it just tastes so good to me. BUT these are Whole 30 approved little meat sticks- so easy to grab on the go!

Just dried figs with a nut butter. Fiber, protein, natural sugar from fruit, boom.

 Jacksons Honest Sweet Potato Chips. Sometimes you just need a crunch, especially when everyone around you is crunching on their snacks!

Phat Phudge. A little pricy for me, but I love the product, the ingredients & the Bad-A$$ woman behind them! Seriously she is so unapologetically herself and rad I LOVE IT.

Julian’s Paleo Flakes. I haven’t had these in a while, but these are great to take camping! Its all the convince of cereal, but grain, gluten, and nut free! Can always have with individual mini non-dairy milks that don’t need refrigeration. These would also be great for picky kids.

EPIC Bars. An awesome company, great clean bars of quality meat. My favorite right now are the Chicken Siracha and Lamb Cranberry

Vital Proteins Collagen Packets. Great for adding protein to anything you have on the go, especially green juices or smoothies. Plus, adding collagen daily into my diet has made my nails and hair grow like crazyyyy. Love it!

Rootz Nutrition Protein Powder Packets Great little single serving packets for protein on the go!

REBBL These products range from coffees to protein drinks to golden milk or matcha! They are chock-full of great, feel good ingredients and taste great too. They don’t use refined sugar and use coconut milk and mct in their products. PLUS they donate to a great cause.

FORAGER A great grab and go juice brand … can’t complain!

Bonafide Provisions They now have drinkable veggies + bone broth in a bottle! I love to have this on hand for the morning on the way to the airport- that way I can still start my day with bone broth and veggies!

LITTLE PACKETS: I like to take (sorry kinda?) little packets from whole foods – like the condiments of liquid aminos (soy sauce substitute) or Sir Kensington’s condiments (no high fructose corn syrup) and  take them on the road with me. For example, when I’m road tripping in California, there is no way my crew and I aren’t stopping at In & Out burger! So, I like to bring my own ketchup and proceed with my lovely protein style burger (read: that means lettuce wrapped). I know you can get packets of extra virgin olive oil too, and I would like to get into having those around! Mini packets of coconut butter and nut butters are great too. I know Artisana, Justin’s, and Nutzo all carry some.

There are little coconut oil packets you can also bring- I like to bring these because they function as something you can eat or use for beauty! I’ve definitely needed coconut oil as a lotion, makeup remover, or to tame fly-aways in my hair when I am lacking other solutions!

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Favorite travel snacks to make:

When I have a refrigerator available or a cooler, I love to make hard boiled eggs, bring veggies & dip (organic hummus, my Nhummus, or guacamole), make paleo muffins (like Chocolate Chip Bottom Magic Mini Muffins ), or egg cups! Snack bites are great too, like my Dark Chocolate Espresso Protein Bites  and ‘PB&J’ Bites. Egg cups are essentially just scrambled eggs with some protein and veggies baked into egg tins. I recently tried making kale chips and hope to start bringing those along as well!

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Honorable Mentions:

RX Bars, Thunderbird, and Larabars are great, but almost all of them have ALMONDS…. which I like but  my body is a little sensitive too. So I try to stay away when possible.

Please email me if you have any questions about these products or would like to know where to find them!

Best, (and safe travels!)


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