Salted Chocolate Strawberry Cups


SPRING HAS SPRUNG.. ok kind of. It just snow/rained in Denver… BUT I have a bunny on my front door so that’s what counts.


Holy guacamole, folks. It has been CRAZY CRAZY for me. I feel a little off- I’m a bit more tired in the mornings, up late at night, super hungry…. I think my rhythm is off. But that may be because it is seriously CRUNCH TIME for me! Oy vey.

Despite this craziness, I made it down to Dallas, TX this past weekend! It was my first time in Dallas or Texas (well, besides when I was 1 years old). I was there to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. So it was a weekend full of good food, family, and way too many glasses of champagne! The first night my Mom, and our cousin tried out “Origin Kitchen Dallas”. HOLYYYY. We started with gluten free chips with a artichoke dip, I got salmon & a brussel sprout salad, my mom and cousin each got these grassfed tacos, and we washed it all down with some drinks before ordering the best gluten free cookies & ice cream I have ever had. HOLY SMOKES. I was going to only have a bite, but yea, safe to say that didn’t happen. GO THERE. ORDER IT.


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Wedding festivities are so fun!! I am 23 and from California, so wedding festivities are still pretty new to me. It was the most beautiful wedding for several reasons. First, it was just all aesthetically pleasing… flowers, decor, the outfits…  my gorgeous cousin. Secondly, it was so fun- people were happy and smiling, which its own type of beauty. But the most beautiful part of the wedding was seeing how much the bride and groom loved each other. It was so evident… so tangible. It was hard not to cry. I could cry just thinking about it! We danced the night away (I mean worked up a sweat), and had so much fun! The next morning I woke up with a foot cramp, ha!


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But I do want to take a second to talk about the oh so not paleo eats of the weekend. Of course there was champagne and rose (more than I usually ever have), but then there was PIZZA. I was reallllly not seeking the pizza. But after so many people telling me about how amazing it was, I tried it. And tried some more… and more. *I am not gluten intolerant, I just choose not to have it* And wow was it worth it. It was artisanal pizza (being served late night, may I add), thin crust, made to order. The best was probably the jalapeño, sausage, truffle oil one. Wow… Now you’re probably like why the heck are you mentioning this on your ‘healthy food blog’. Well, because I’m human, thats why.

And in the morning, I went to the gym then had breakfast tacos (corn tortillas are GF). BALANCE FOLKS. 😉 

While there I also got to try out The Juice Bar Dallas (I got the “Big Green” bowl without agave, and switched out the granola for coconut) and Flower Child Dallas.


Overall the weekend was fantastic, and I got a lot of work done while also hanging out with family I don’t get to see very often.

Ok ok, back to the recipee!

These babies are refined sugar free and technically have no added sugar (the jam is sweet but there is no added sweeteners in it!!). They are crunchy- the dark chocolate I used had cacao nibs in it. It is Montezuma’s chocolate from Trader Joes. Just Cacao solids & cacao liquor. This is the 100% dark chocolate that my boyfriend loves to HATE because there is 0% sweet & 100% bitter. But jokes on him because he tried this unknowingly and didn’t even notice!! So its loved by even the haters.

Salted Chocolate Strawberry Cups (makes 4) (need parchment muffin liners)

Half of 100% dark chocolate (I used this, which has cocao nibs) (it is at Trader Joes)

1 tbsp coconut butter

2 tbsp CLEAN strawberry spread (I used this)

sea salt for sprinkling

Melt the chocolate over medium to low heat, continuously stirring  You do NOT want it to burn! Use a double boiler if you have it available.

Pour 1 tsp melted chocolate per cup for base. Place in freezer. 

Take coconut butter and strawberry spread, mix well.

Once ‘bases’ are firm, add 2 tsp coconut/strawberry filling to each cup, spreading as evenly as possible. Place in freezer. Top all with the remaining chocolate, and sprinkle with sea salt. Freeze for 3 hours, and enjoy!!



Oh! I also won a giveaway with one of my favorite companies, Wild Tonic. They are a Jun company (Jun is like Kombucha but uses honey instead of sugar to ferment). They also make 5.6% alcohol Jun… safe to say I love this company!


Well, back to writing up a storm. ONLY A MONTH AND A HALF OF GRAD SCHOOL LEFT UNTIL I HAVE MY MASTERS AND AM DONE…. (if I don’t mess this up. Here’s to hoping).

Happy Tuesday,



I went to Thump Coffee and thought this was wonderful



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