Ok ok, yes, the blog is LATE. Why? Life happens. I definitely believe its more important to hang out with loved ones, get sleep, and do yoga than to blog. Not sorry even a little.


This weekend was the bestttttt. Yes, I went to Coachella. It was really fun- I got a lot of sun, hung with great people and actually avoided a sunburn. Pretty incredible. And, instead of camping (like I usually do), we stayed at a Airbnb, which means I actually had multiple showers and hours of sleep.

I was able to hang out with my family in San Diego and catch some hot yoga before and after the festival too, which was killer. Went to my favorite places with my momma- Beaming to get their coconut wrap (probably one of my favorite foods ever), and Goodonya. I tried a dinner bowl their for the first time- and instead of quiona/rice as the base, they let me do sautéed sweet potatoes. UGH. So good. My family and I also had a sweats and burger night before I left— that meant grassfed burgers for all! Horay!

Before the “ big weekend”  I prepped for some clean eats for my boyfriend and I. I made egg/ sausage/ spinach egg cups, brought mini avocados (thanks Dad for getting those on the side of the road and sending ‘em with), Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee, Birch Benders Paleo pancakes, bananas, peanut butter packets, Thrive Market “savory” snacks, Coco-roon ‘brownies’, EPIC bars, Perfect Bars, watermelon, and coconut water! I even tried out charcoal capsules… as they apparently prevent hangovers? Which brings me to my beverages of choice. I brought la croix as a mixer; and then packed Tito’s gluten free vodka, VOCO (vodka + coconut water), & Truly Sparkling spiked seltzer water. Overall, it was a pretty ‘clean’ Coachella, relatively speaking. The only gluten I had all weekend was in the form of 3 beers, which is way less than Coachellas past.

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We got some pretty good food at the festival this year too. I tried the VIBE bowls- the first one I got was the CA cobb which had quinoa, greens, chickpeas, a avocado oil & olive oil based dressing, coconut ‘bacon’, guacamole, roasted squash, and tomatoes. It was SO GOOD! The next time I tried the ROOTS bowl, which I got without quinoa, but didn’t like the toppings as much as the first one. Oh wells. We also got a poke bowl from Sweetfin, which was Another thing we tried was the Cocobella Creamery ice cream! Dairy free ice cream— we got the mint chip (coconut milk based) and the sunbutter cup (sunbutter based). They were both reallllyyyyy good. My boyfriend also got a burger and sweet potato fries, which were superrrr good. I mean, sweet potato fries? If you have a choice, always choose sweet potato fries. (ok maybe not but they were so good).

I know its supposed to be “BEYCHELLA” but sorry not sorry, I’d rather name it EM-CHELLA. Ok, Beyonce totally broke the glass on what a Coachella headliner can do, but I think Eminem blew it out of the water.

Now, back to Denver. And I have my boyfriend and a bunch of other friends in town this week/weekend. I really think my stress is on the decline!! Master’s is wrapping up, and I can just enjoy my final days in Denver.

Moving on to this recipe. A twist on an age old favorite.


Quick, easy, yummy, and works great as an app that is friendly for all gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, & vegan friends!


5 white mushrooms

1 tbsp coconut milk

1 tbsp Annie’s organic horseradish mustard

1 tbsp tahini butter

1 pinch sea salt

1 pinch black pepper

Smoked paprika for sprinkling

Avocado oil, for ‘greasing’

Parchment paper

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees IMG_4540

Take the ‘stems’ off of the mushrooms, to make a ‘hole’ in the mushroom

Brush/massage the mushrooms with avocado oil

Bake  for 10 minutes (or until they begin to brown). If water accumulates in the middle, dump the water out. 

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Top the baked mushrooms with the ‘filling’, sprinkle smoked paprika on top, and serve!!




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