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Apple Pie Pancakes

Have you ever wanted to have dessert for breakfast? I know I have, (although, I am admittedly more of a savory chica). Well I bring you APPLE PIE PANCAKES. That’s right. All the deliciousness of warm apple pie, in the form of pancakes. And better yet, they are gluten free, grain free, paleo, & refined sugar free too.


Its November, so I thought I’d also share with you my Thanksgiving-inspired logo:


Pretty nifty, eh? Now back to talking about what is important here: APPLE PIE & PANCAKES! Not that there is anything wrong with having pie before noon, but I wanted to give you the best of both worlds. Heck, go crazy and have the apple pie pancakes after dinner as dessert! They would be perfect as the end to any “breakfast for dinner”.

Why apple pie pancakes? WELL. I do love pumpkin, but pumpkin pancakes are over done. I wanted something different, yet still reminiscent of fall. I know many families travel for Thanksgiving, and spend multiple days away from home. So why not whip up these babies Friday or Saturday morning before you leave for home… or for the crazy deals out on Black Friday. STAY SAFE FOLKS, ITS WILD OUT THERE.

For this recipe, I used two gluten free & grain free flours: cassava flour, and coconut flour. I use these flours so I can enjoy bready foods without worrying about grains, gluten, or NUTS. Honestly, every paleo recipe and their mother (ok, maybe the saying doesn’t work, but I am rolling with it) is made out of a nut flour… especially almond flour, which is a definite “no” for me (aka my stomach) (…aka my gut).


I got a lot of my ingredients from Thrive Market, which is an online marketplace that sells great healthy products at a cheaper price than in grocery stores! I really recommend it. No, I’m not sponsored (OH I WISH!), but definitely check it out. Other ingredient information: I used organic (they are sprayed heavily when conventional) and sprouted (to help with easing their digestion) pecans. I also made sure to use organic applesauce and apples, as conventional apples are sprayed with a high, high level of pesticides. I used a Vital Farms egg, because it is a humane, conscious company with beautiful pasture raised eggs. You can tell because their yolks are especially bright, deep orange. This means they are more nutrient dense 🙂 And for those of you who are afraid of cage-free eggs: pasture raised eggs are a totally different game! Don’t you worry, these eggs are not a ploy.

Without further ado, here is my recipe for gluten free, paleo, nut free, refined sugar free, dairy free, but REALLY FREAKING GOOD apple pie pancakes! Roommate, photographer, and boyfriend approved.

APPLE PIE PANCAKES (paleo, refined sugar free, dairy free)

Makes ~ 3 medium pancakes


1/4 cup apple sauce (unsweetened)

1 egg

1 tbsp coconut flour

1.5 tbsp coconut sugar

1/2 tbsp cassava flour

1tbsp water

Pinch of salt

Pinch of baking powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon


One medium sized apple, chopped & sauteed in 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp real maple syrup, & 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Other suggested toppings:

Dairy-free chocolate chips (EnjoyLife), butter roasted pecans, organic homemade whipped cream, dairy free ice cream

Mix all ingredients into a bowl, mix until well incorporated. Set aside.

Next, chop the apple for the topping. I prefer small to medium sized chunks. Place the apples, coconut oil, maple syrup, and cinnamon over medium heat. Sauté the apples in the pan until soft and caramelized.

Return to your pancake batter, which should have had enough time for the flours to absorb the liquids. On a nonstick pan over medium heat, place the desired size of the pancake on the pan. Make sure not to crowd the pan with pancakes! I like to do one or two at a time. Add extra coconut oil as you go, if you are fearful that it may stick (think: what usually happens when you fry an egg? Do you need more butter usually with that pan?). 

Carefully flip once small bubbles appear. Once flipped, the pancake should be cooked within about 30 seconds. Place on a plate, and repeat. 

Finally, stalk, top, & enjoy your freshly made apple pie pancakes!



Need more fall food inspiration? NO FEAR!

I have more delicious thanksgiving paleo/gluten free meal and dessert ideas, just check out my Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up from last year! My paleo no-bread “stuffing”, and spicy jalapeño cranberry sauce were some family favorites that I brought to the table last year! I also have my new recipe for Thanksgiving inspired collard wraps, and I will be back with another easy-peasy recipe next week, just in time for Turkey Day!

I hope you guys enjoy it! If you get a chance to try and make these, please share, and use the hashtag #dontbehangry and #huntinghanger

Happy hunting 😉



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