Hello! I figured you might want to know something about the person who spends their free time making food, eating, and posting somewhat acceptable photos of said food on this blog! My name is Alexis and I am a 24 year old with a Masters in Medical Anthropology, with a focus on food/nutrition.

Whats Medical Anthropology, you ask? It is similar to the field of public health; more specifically, it looks at the intersection between biology, culture, and power as it relates to the medical system and health.

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Have you ever been hangry? Lord (and all of my friends & family) knows that I have!

And when I turned 19, I decided to really do something about it. It all clicked when my mom called me one day after she had taken a nutrition class, which she decided to take up as one of my brothers had been having stomach issues. She explained processed foods, nutrient density, the problem with grains, importance of fat and other food related issues. At first I thought she was crazy (I mean, I am a 90s kid), but then I started thinking.

I was in a biological anthropology class at the time, learning about human evolution; it all became clear. Of COURSE we aren’t adapted to this highly processed diet we have created for ourselves. Although we are a species with a high plasticity in diet, we may have hit our limits. Is my anthropologist showing? (then again, my logo was first a girl with an atlatl…)

I could go into all that, forever, but I won’t… at least not just yet.

I try to create delicious and healthful meals for myself regularly, but I am not perfect. Meals that I qualify as healthy include un or low processed foods, organic foods, that are low sugar with no additives. My ideal diet consists heavily of eggs (pasture raised and or organic), vegetables (organic), meat (organic and or grass fed), nuts (organic and or sprouted), and dairy (smaller quantities and organic, whole fat, and sometimes raw). I try to make sure vegetables and protein are the main food types that I consume. I have no dietary restrictions, however, I over dosed on nuts and grew sensitive… so I took a break and now limit them the best I can.

I can tell you now that I love to eat, love a glass (or bottle?) of red wine, and will find myself eating a baguette when in France.

I would call my diet “paleo” plus dairy plus the occasional grain or legume *GASP*…. but I’m usually overall gluten free. Why? Well, when you don’t eat things that naturally contain gluten *cough cough wheat* you better hope they’re gluten free. But then again, you’d be surprised. At some point I may go on to talk about paleo diet vs the paleolithic diet of anatomically modern humans, but again, not just yet. (I may or may not have done my senior project in undergrad on diet/evolution from 3.5 mya to the agricultural revolution 10,000 ya….)

But I will mention that it is impossible to have an actual “paleolithic diet”- the foods that we eat have been naturally/artificially selected, along with our own bodies. So even though I do follow a “paleo” or “primal” diet most of the time, I am not sure I agree with the terminology as it is misleading.

Heck, research shows that Neandertals (a close relative of modern humans) even ate legumes!

Adventurous Eating (crickets+silk worms)
Photo-op gluten free eating





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Lazy Sunday eating ft. Capello’s Paleo Cookies

…and more of this…

If you’re looking for someone with a perfect camera, and for someone who gets all dressed up to cook, this isn’t for you. I’M A BUSY GIRL–BABY, ain’t nobody got time for that! Just keeping it real over here.

I hope you enjoy whatever content, puns, and info I throw on up here! Thanks for checking it out, and never stop hunting your hanger!