Warm Spinach Dip

Last weekend I went to San Francisco, and got some good eats! From organic greens & good fats at Sweetgreen, to frozen greek yogurt from Soulva (mine was just topped with honey, olive oil and sea salt), and making slow cooker curry! Chomps grassfed beef sticks are always great on the go too.    … Continue reading Warm Spinach Dip


Just BE positive

Hey hey hey strangers! Literally, except for the fact I'm pretty sure only my Mom reads this when she can figure out how to use her computer (ha ha ha .... sorry Mom). After a weekend at home in San Diego (filled with good eats, family), I am back in Denver! Man oh man some… Continue reading Just BE positive


Vanilla Ice (Cauli)Cream

Vanilla ice what what?? Essentially, I made ice cream out of CAULIFLOWER! It is completely sugar/sweetener free, and strangely delicious. PLUS every time you eat it, you get veggies in your body. Win, win? I think yes. Now I started fooling around with this concept right after the 21 day sugar detox, when I was… Continue reading Vanilla Ice (Cauli)Cream