Lessons from Travel

Hi friends. Miss me? Maybe so, maybe no, but it’s been a while! Why? Well. I graduated from my masters program in medical anthropology (like public health but it looks at the intersections between health, culture, biology, and power), moved (briefly) to San Diego, went on a 3 week trip to Europe, a wedding back… Continue reading Lessons from Travel


Whoo is that girl I see?

For those of you who don't know me, here is a little reintroduction.

Meal Prep, Sides/Snacks

‘PB&J’ Bites

Hola! Welcome back to HuntingHanger. This weekend was spent hanging out with my good 'ol boyfriend, friends, and eating yummayyy food. If you missed out on my Rootz Nutrition code last week, don't fear, you can find it on last week's post. Thursday night my boyfriend and I celebrated Valentines day in: I learned how… Continue reading ‘PB&J’ Bites