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Turmeric Hollandaise Sauce

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgivings, and didn't get run over during any holiday shopping pursuits! Below is some stuff to do with the holiday. Again, so many good food ventures while home: You may be thinking: Alexis, another sauce? What is the matter with you? My response is I love sauces,… Continue reading Turmeric Hollandaise Sauce

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No-bread Kneaded Rosemary Stuffing

DAY TWO of "Hunting Thanksgiving"... although ironically my apartment building just had their Christmas tree decorating party. My family would always wait until the morning after Thanksgiving. Looking back, we would always take a photo- jackets, Uggs, beanies.... in San Diego. Silly, silly Californians with no tolerance for cold. Honestly, I still have no ability… Continue reading No-bread Kneaded Rosemary Stuffing