The Season to be pH 14

As of Friday, September 22- it is officially FALL! This means pumpkin spiced everything, changing leaves, and a slew of people being pH 14 READ: pH 14 is the most basic ha ha ha¬† Apart from dropping temperatures and my bad jokes, the season is filled with delicious flavors and warmer foods (heck ya!). Any… Continue reading The Season to be pH 14

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Food, drinking, and my love of a routine

What up folks (again, probably just Mom, if you aren't busy haha). Before I write what I was going to write- can I just mention how I just cracked my iPhone?!!! Was I being reckless? No. Was I on the move? no. MY EMPTY PLASTIC WATER CUP FELL ON IT FROM ABOUT AN INCH OR… Continue reading Food, drinking, and my love of a routine


Vanilla Ice (Cauli)Cream

Vanilla ice what what?? Essentially, I made ice cream out of CAULIFLOWER! It is completely sugar/sweetener free, and strangely delicious. PLUS every time you eat it, you get veggies in your body. Win, win? I think yes. Now I started fooling around with this concept right after the 21 day sugar detox, when I was… Continue reading Vanilla Ice (Cauli)Cream