Crazy 2-Toned Baby Crock Pot Bread


This experiment…err, recipe was wacky. C r a z y,  man.

I had never baked in a crock pot before, but due to a handy man’s inability to call me back (and my inability to remember to contact new ones), I had no choice. MY OVEN IS STILL BROKEN. So I decided to play around with my mini Crock Pot. (yes, I made this before my grain free chocolate peanut butter cake recipe).



Any who Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend, I was on the move AGAIN! It has been a crazy few months, let me tell you. It started off with my flight Thursday afternoon (into SFO) being severely delayed due to the fires in the bay area. But luckily I made it standby on an earlier, albeit delayed flight. On the drive down my boyfriend and I stopped for In & out because 1. road trip 2. we were hungry 3. HELLO, it’s in & out. I got a double meat protein style (thats lettuce wrapped)  with fresh onion, extra tomatoes, and mustard. I brought my own Sir Kensingtons ketchup because I love ketchup but hate high fructose corn syrup, which is in almost all ketchups you encounter in America- unless its organic or an extra trendy place haha. I say in America because it’s use is outlawed by the EU…. Can’t we just have real food over here people!? …but I digress. It was delish. This Californian girl has got to get her In & Out fix, okay?

I got into a lot of fun while in my college town- from revisiting old bars, hot yoga, my old gym (MISS IT), wine tasting, and good eats- I really cannot complain! I really was into the all organic food bar at the local health food store- Lassen’s. I was able to try a new Kombucha flavor this weekend- HealthAde’s Reishi (mushroom) cacao. I was terrified that it would be terrible, but instead it ended up being one of my favorite flavors yet!

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Any who, now I am back in Denver, trying to get back into a routine. But as you know, thats never possible with graduate school and sporadic life events!! My boyfriend is actually in town all week for work, so that will definitely shape my culinary adventures for the week! Our friend will also be in town for a few of those days, so good fun (and food) will be had. This weekend we are going to check out an art/culture exhibit in Denver all on the “future”. Art, cocktails, and food will be provided… so we will see how it goes! I am intrigued.

SO back to this crazayyy recipe. Note* I made this while trying to decrease my sugar intake post birthday (I have had no time to detox with all these events), so no added sugars besides the ones from fruit, sorry not sorry! This is meant to be enjoyed with savory toppings… olive oil & balsamic, butter, topped with cheese… that is the move for this guy!

Crazy 2-Toned Baby Crock Pot Bread (grain free, gluten free)

What you need: Crockpot, parchment paper, food processor (or really strong mixing arms ha-ha), and patience. Comes out approx. 5 inches in diameter, 1/15 inches tall.

Bottom Green Layer:

2 eggs

2 tbsp salted butter, melted (I used kerrygold)

1/4 cup apple sauce (just apples in this applesauce*)

2 tbsp avocado

1/4 tsp baking powder 

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

5.5 tbsp coconut flour

Top Purple Layer

1 egg

1 tbsp salted butter, melted (I used kerrygold)

1/4 cup apple sauce (just apples in this applesauce*)

1 tbsp sunflower seed butter

1/8 tsp baking powder 

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsp coconut flour

1/2 tsp cinnamon

3 tbsp frozen blueberries 

In the food processor, mix all ingredients for the bottom green layer. Let sit. While sitting, line crockpot with parchment paper. Remix green layer, to make sure all is well incorporated. Scoop green layer into crockpot. Start crockpot on “high”.

Next, mix all- but one of the 3 tbsp blueberries-the ingredients for the top purple layer in a food processor. Mix until completely combined, and purple. Toss mixture into a bowl and add the final 1 tbsp of blueberries into the mixture. Place the mixture (evenly) on top of the bottom green mixture.

Recover, and continue to cook on high. (It took me about 20 minutes between layers due to cleaning… but I’m sure it will take you less time).

Cook until you can put a toothpick or fork through the middle, and pull it out cleanly. It took me roughly 2 hours, but then again I am at 5,280 feet altitude. It may take you longer. 


I do like this better topped with SAVORY things- olive oil & balsamic, butter, topped with cheese… that kinda stuff.

Does anyone else see this and think “PACMAN”? …just me?
Con Queso

NOT SWEET ENOUGH? (I’m telling you, this is a not-sweet baked good)

Top with 2 tbsp frozen blueberries+2 tbsp water + 2 tbsp coconut oil+2 tbsp honey–bring the blueberries + water to a simmer for about 30 seconds on the stove, mix with the coconut oil & honey, then top!

A la Sweet topping

Well, ended up eating half of it trying to figure out ways to top it. WHATEVS.

Ideally, I’d have this thing with some goat cheese but I don’t have any around… *sigh*.

Have a great rest of your week folks!


Oh, and here is a picture of me *TRYING* to take a good photo. Ft. legs, shoes, carpet, foam roller… you know, exactly the things food should be placed next to….

The struggle for lighting, man….

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