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Hi all! Happy Monday! Are you looking for a healthy, nutrient dense snack that also tastes like cookie dough? Well look no further.
I’ve got you!!

This is paleo, low carb, refined sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, grain free…. the works.

Paleo (grain/gluten free), refined sugar free, dairy free

Anytime I can get healthy and cookie dough in the same sentence— I’m all for it. Boyfriend approved, he had wanted to call them coo-KETO bites (said like cookie- dough), because I had told them they were low carb, high fat, and full of great protein!

Should we go through the ingredients?

Hemp hearts— protein, good fats, omega-3s
Coconut butter— fiber, good fats
Tahini— good fats and protein
Medjool dates— naturally sweet, fiber
Sea salt— electrolytes and minerals
Collagen— protein, easily digestible, adds strength to hair and nails, supports joint and gut health, helps skin elasticity.
Coconut flour— fiber!
Chocolate— magnesium, energy, antioxidants

These are the perfect snack— all these elements come together to create a nutrient dense snack that will actually hold you over!! A perfect snack pre or post workout, in between meals, or heck— have it as an after dinner treat!

Why do I make these? Well because sometimes you need a snack that is ready in zero seconds flat. Making bites like these are definitely a part of my meal prep routine. They are especially helpful after a long day of work— and I am hungry— they help curb and hanger so I can properly make a healthy dinner (and don’t grab whatever I see first!). They are also great to grab out the door on my way to work if I don’t have time to sit down & eat.

Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer! ….


1/4 cup hemp hearts
1/4 cup coconut butter
1/3 cup tahini
4 mejool dates (soaked)
Big pinch salt
1 tsp vanilla
4 tbsp collagen
2 tbsp coconut flour
1/3 cup chocolate chips (unsweetened or stevia sweetened)

To make this, you will need a jar of warm water (for soaking the dates), parchment paper, plate or cutting board, food processor, and bowl.

Soak the dates for 30 minutes. Then remove the water. Place dried dates, tahini, and coconut butter in food processor. Process until a paste forms. Add hemp hearts, salt, and vanilla. Process until well incorporated. Slowly add in the collagen, lightly processing as you go. Finally, slowly add in the coconut flour. Process lightly.

Transfer mixture to a bowl. Drain any not incorporated oil. Mix in the chocolate chips. Knead into the mixture. Finally, place mixture onto one half of parchment paper atop a cutting board or plate. Fold the second half of the parchment over the mixture so that you can flatten and shape the mixture without having it stick to you. Flatten into a rectangle. Freeze for an hour. Cut into squares, and keep the bites stored in the freezer.

Enjoy your chocolate chip freezer fuel!!!

Some chocolate chip recommendations:

Lilly’s dairy free stevia chocolate chips
Pascha 100% dark chocolate chips
Cacao nibs
Enjoy life chocolate chips (for a sweeter product)

All photos were shot by my lovely friend/ badass babe Ashley at Beschell Photography Check out her site here.

Have a great day,


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